About us tab - how to create an inspiring text?

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About us tab is a very important element of every page. Not only on company websites we can find information about the conducted activity, but also on various blogs there is such a subpage. The who we are tab is extremely important, it confirms our qualifications, knowledge and experience, giving concrete reasons to trust us. It's worth spending more time creating inspirational content to stand out with creativity and attract attention for longer.

About us tab - how to create an interesting description that builds trust?

Authenticity is the key to success, but the greatest danger is monotony and mediocrity. So choose originality and do not repeat the patterns. An interesting story will arouse sympathy and create a bond between the reader and the sender. Share how it all started, how much work did it cost to create the enterprise, and what is the purpose of the entire activity. A story described in this way can become an excellent storytelling about the emotions accompanying the creation and running of a company. If we only boast about statistics, profits or the offer, ignoring the deeper motives and people who create history, we will be one of many companies that will not be remembered for long. Bosch presented its history in a very interesting way, describing in detail how the company developed over the course of 131 years.


Readers love real stories about emotions, passions, both ups and downs. Create a hero, the leitmotif of your story and show a good ending in the form of your current activity.

What will surely interest the recipient is to open the veil of secrecy, to show what your work looks like "behind the scenes". Show photos, videos or a presentation in which you can see commitment and professionalism. This way you will become more credible to the client and create a positive image.

Professional bookmark about us - how to get interested in the content?

You already know that the about us tab should present the spirit of your company, but how to properly present the content itself? Its layout and appearance have an equally strong impact on the positive reception of the message. Try to highlight the most important information using text formatting or bullets. Play applied it with great results in the about the company tab.


The best effect can be obtained by combining well-displayed content with interesting graphics. You can apply infographics, icons and photos to make the About us tab inspirational and unconventional. However, one should remember to exercise moderation so that the form does not exceed the content.

Show your team

The presentation of a team of specialists performing commissioned tasks will make the bookmark about us much more valuable. This allows the client to find out with whom he will cooperate, which will facilitate contact, especially when it is done only via the Internet. It is very important that the photos and descriptions posted are real, and not taken from a photo bank, which may undermine the company's credibility. An interesting example of presenting your team can be seen, among others, on the Together digital website, where when you hover over the photo, you can see an accent related to the employee's interests.

Mistakes to Avoid by Bookmarking About Us

Despite many tips on the Internet about what the about us tab should look like, fundamental errors often appear. Sometimes one detail may decide that our content will not interest the recipient even for a few seconds. The most common mistakes are:

  1. Excessive bragging - it is worth listing your most important advantages, but excessive, even intrusive, counting out skills will look artificial. It may be more effective to present how you can help the client, what you can do for him, than just mentioning your merits.

  2. Marketing content - "we provide high-quality products of the best possible quality" - the story about your company that you are about to present, written in this language, will not move anyone, but only bore if someone decides to read it at all. Instead of duplicating the same slogans used thousands of times, describe in your own words what you do.

  3. Officially and anonymously - in order to gain trust and sympathy, you need to show the personality of the company. To abandon the formal tone for an honest story filled with real events, people and emotions. Let the customer get to know you better and remember you by distinguishing yourself from others.

To sum up, the most important thing is an unconventional approach so that the about us tab motivates and encourages you to follow our activities. Focus on the audience to whom you are addressing your story and think about what might be of value to them. A bookmark about us created in this way will probably be remembered and will have a positive impact on our image.