Shopping via mobile devices - everyday life or the future of e-commerce?

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Unlimited access to the network and thus information influences the change of customers' shopping habits and expectations. According to the report "E-commerce in Poland 2017. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska", as many as 47% of people made purchases via mobile devices in the last year. Smartphone purchases were on the podium just behind the laptop with 80% and a desktop computer with 61%. These data clearly show an upward trend in mobile purchases. What influences it? And does this method really have only advantages?

The popularity of mobile shopping - what does it result from?

The computerization of many aspects of our lives and the ubiquitous access to the Internet have also caused a change in shopping habits. We are more and more willing to make purchases via mobile devices, especially via smartphones.

Learn about the advantages of purchases made using mobile devices:

  • Save time

You don't have to check in person where you can find pants or regional food products you are looking for. Regardless of the place and time, you can check the store on your phone, where you will get your favorite or sought-after products.

  • Convenience of shopping

You can shop from anywhere - all you need is a smartphone with internet access. This is a definite advantage over a laptop or even a tablet, because these are not items that we always carry with us, but the phone is always with us.

  • Simple shopping and payment path

In many online stores, the shopping path and payments for purchases made via mobile devices are much more simplified. This is, of course, due to the fact that it is easier for the customer to finalize the transaction as much as possible and that the whole process is done mainly by clicking only the "Next" and "Finish" buttons.

  • Price bargains

Rather, we always carry the phone with us, so we can react much faster to appearing promotions and buy a given product at a bargain price. We lose this privilege when we wait to make purchases using a laptop after returning home. Then it may turn out that the deal has expired, which will not be the case if we decide to make an immediate purchase over the phone.

Why do we not decide to purchase via mobile devices?

Like any solution, shopping via mobile devices has both its supporters and opponents. Despite the ubiquity of smartphones, many people are still reluctant to make purchases with them.

Find out about the main reasons for opting out of purchases made over the phone:

  • Lack of trust

Although Poles are more and more willing to make mobile purchases and thus make payments as part of these transactions, many of them still do not fully trust this process. Customers are still skeptical about providing a card number or telephone number. You can try to alleviate these concerns by ensuring the security of payments and try to use their simplified forms - that is, without providing all sensitive data, such as PayU or PayPal online payments.

  • Willingness to know the detailed description of the product

Often, online stores with mobile versions use short product descriptions so that all the necessary information is in the view available on the phone. Therefore, more inquisitive customers who need a detailed description in addition to a photo to evaluate the product, will probably give up their purchase. Instead of truncating information, it is worth using a tabbed mechanism in which we can place various data about the product, e.g. description, technical data and application. Such a way out of the situation will allow us not to lose more inquisitive customers who like shopping via a mobile device, but do not want the scope of information and the level of the shopping path in the mobile channel to differ from the standards of purchases made by desktop computers and laptops.

  • Everything takes too long

Long forms and waiting time for the store's website to load - are one of the main reasons for reluctance to purchase via mobile devices. For many, time is valuable, especially the matter of saving it. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the store's pages load quickly - you can check it on the PageSpeed ​​Tools website and minimize the number of fields necessary to fill in during the transaction.

Shopping via mobile devices is the future!

As research shows, purchases made with the use of mobile devices are becoming more and more popular and we can safely assume that this trend will not only continue, but will also grow. Changing the lifestyle and lifestyle to a more mobile and flexible one also changes the way products are searched for and purchased. It is worth preparing today for the upcoming changes and adapting your store to the changing realities of the e-commerce world.