Newsletter subscription - what will attract the customer's attention?

Service Business

We sign up for the newsletter for many reasons - to get discounts, be up to date with promotions in our favorite store or we want to receive, for example, daily current information about the industry we are interested in. Sending special discount codes or information about new products in the company's offer may take place only when a given person joins your mailing subscribers. This can only be done by an appropriate subscription to the newsletter, i.e. a form located in a visible place on the page, which will encourage you to leave your data. Check how to create such a form!

Newsletter subscription and appearance

We are all visual learners, so the subscription form for the newsletter must be not only nice, but also functional. It is important that the appearance of the subscription to the newsletter is consistent with the visual identification of your website, company or brand. In this case, the predetermined goal of acquiring contacts is also important - if you want to immediately target your recipients and create newsletters for them, e.g. only within one category of articles, then you also need to prepare a subscription to the newsletter, which will take into account the division according to specific interested. However, if you primarily care about increasing the address base, then the rule "the fewer fields, the better" will be perfect.

Place matters

There are several places on the website that are particularly noticeable to the user. One of them is its upper part, next to the main navigation (menu). This is the place that the user will eventually find. Another good place to sign up for a newsletter is the page footer. Often times, customers or readers want to browse your site first, so the footer sign-up form can prove to be extremely effective.

Offer something for subscribing to the newsletter

Provide the customer with a reason why they should subscribe to your newsletter. Introduce the recipient to the benefits they will receive after leaving their e-mail address - it can be a discount coupon for subsequent purchases or a free industry e-book, in which they will find, for example, tips on increasing sales in their store. If you distribute the necessary knowledge and your portal is known in the industry, it is always more likely that people will be happy to subscribe to the newsletter, even without any special benefits. The key here is the benefit talk, i.e. a message that is to show the recipient a unique value from leaving an e-mail address.

Newsletter subscription in the form of a pop-up - annoying or effective practice?

We often hear how annoying pop-ups, i.e. pop-ups, are. However, as much as it is wrong to say about them, they are still effective. Of course, you should exercise moderation in all this and do not bombard your client or reader with a pop-up immediately after entering your website. Let the recipient get acquainted with the content and only then present the record in the form of a pop-up. And here you have freedom - you can set a pop-up window, for example, when the user wants to leave your site or display a message after a certain time (e.g. after a few seconds). The most important thing is that the customer does not feel trapped, because then not only will they not leave contact, but also may not return to this page.

Then what works?

And as often happens - it depends. The answer is hated by many, but it really is. Both the appearance of the newsletter, its location on the website or the form in which it appears may be attractive to each recipient in a completely different way. Therefore, the subscription to the newsletter should be tested, i.e. check which places on the website turn out to be the most eye-catching and after what time the user stays on the website, it is best to display a pop-up with the form. So tests, tests and more tests!