Earn money on your dreams

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Every day at dawn you get up like a scout for a meeting, to regretfully leave your bed and go to the company office. There, in turn, totally exhausted and bored, you spend the eight worst hours in your life. From 8:00 am you pray that it will be desired from 4:00 pm, but still far away from it, no one wants to hear your prayers. What is worse, this nightmare repeats itself day after day, week after week, month after month ... the perspective of the year scares you too much, you prefer not to think about it.

In the past, it seemed to you that a full-time job would provide you with professional fulfillment, that you would not have to worry about anything. After all, the employer deals with taxes and insurance, plus a fixed salary and the certainty that no one will throw you out after a month, and after three months you will be promoted quickly and for the rest of the years - life like in a fairy tale. Except that for the fifth year you have been working in the same position, and if there was no promotion, there is no such promotion. What's more, you are no longer satisfied with a fixed salary, because most of your friends earn more than you, and they do not work full-time. You wonder how they do it that despite the many responsibilities that freelancing places on them, they still enjoy life. Meanwhile, you walk around frustrated and resentful, nothing gives you pleasure anymore. And you used to have such beautiful dreams that you will earn a lot, that your work will be the fulfillment of your dreams. And the more you think about it, the deeper you sink into the swamp of malcontent.

Don't worry, you are not alone. Many people are fed up with their hot full-time jobs that rob them of the joy of life. Many of them also dream of a job that fulfills their ambitions, of working from home and not getting out of bed at dawn. How beautiful it would be to become your own boss and not work on someone else's dictation, how wonderful it would be to work only for yourself and your own pleasure and not wait for a promotion that you will never get anyway.

Yes, you are not alone my dear, but tell me why you are still stuck in this crazy circle instead of finally getting out of it, running as far as possible and never coming back. You say it's too late that you have put down your roots here. What nonsense, I'll enlighten you in a moment - people don't take root because they don't have any! And it's never too late to make your dreams come true. It is enough to summon up the courage, stop whining and take one small step forward ...

A step towards dreams

The most important thing you need to do is quit your job. After all, it is the source of your doom and anguish. You don't have to bother anymore, you just need to resign.However, do not rush with it, as rushing can only hurt you, remember that every decision in life must be well thought out. Therefore, before you choose self-employment, you need to prepare the ground for it, perform a few steps that will prevent possible disappointment.

  1. Think about what your dreams are, what you would like to do to be happy. Nothing is impossible, you can do just about anything, you can even start making your childhood dreams come true. You wanted to become a firefighter and you know that now this job would give you a lot of satisfaction, go ahead, become one. In Poland, there are many schools educating in this profession, for example, at the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, you can become a Master of Fire Engineer.
  2. Do not follow the opinion of others. When you have to make such an important decision in your life, there will surely be many “Mr. the future, that you don't have to worry about anything, that you have everything under your nose, etc. If you start to listen to such good advice, you will start to hesitate as well. Meanwhile, these wonderful and kind life advisers are, in fact, mere jealousies who cannot bear the thought that you have more courage than they do, that you can afford to take one step forward. Be smarter than them, wave your hand at them, let them be jealous and continue to vegetate on their warm jobs. Use only your own judgment when making such an important decision that will affect your entire life.
  3. However, if fulfilling your professional dreams goes hand in hand with high earnings, it is best to opt for freelancing. First, however, you need to research the market, see what exactly you can earn at the moment, what services are in demand. Of course, your idea for your own work must coincide with your skills. Although, on the other hand, everything can be learned, but you need to spend more time on it. Therefore, at the beginning it is worth developing a business, the subject of which will be your education. Specialists are especially appreciated on the market.
  4. When you have a ready idea for your work, developed a business plan, you know exactly what you want to do and what you will enjoy, you have an idea of ​​the market situation, you have a starting point, some financial resources and your first clients - now you can boldly submit your resignation. Leaving this activity to the end is important because, while creating your better future, you still have to make a living and collect funds for your future business.

How to effectively submit a notice of termination

Contrary to appearances, it is not as easy as it may seem. Certain procedures must be followed when submitting a notice of dismissal, otherwise the dismissal may be ineffective.

  1. The type of contract is important - if it is a contract for an indefinite period or a trial period, you can confidently terminate it. However, in the case of a fixed-term contract, this situation becomes more complicated. Well, you can only terminate a contract that has been concluded for a period longer than six months and contains a point on the possibility of its termination.
  2. Notice periods - both the employee and the employer are bound by the notice periods in accordance with the employment contract.
    • Fixed-term agreement - a two-week notice period, but only if the parties have provided such an option in the agreement.
    • Agreement for a trial period:
      - if not more than two weeks, three working days' notice is required;
      - more than two weeks - a week;
      - three months - two weeks.
    • Contract for an indefinite period:
      - if the employee has been employed for less than six months, the notice period is two weeks;
      - at least six months - a month;
      - three years - three months.
  3. An earlier notice period can be agreed, but only in consultation with the employer. However, before making such a notice in writing, there are a few conditions to keep in mind:
    • when calculating the company working time, the period of employment with the previous employer should be taken into account, when the new employer took over the workplace or part of it, i.e. the new employer became a party to the employment relationship instead of the previous employer;
    • in addition, when calculating the company working time, it is also necessary to take into account the situation where the new employer is the legal successor in the employment relationship established by the previous employer;
    • moreover, the notice period may be correspondingly longer as it ends on a Saturday or on the last day of the month;
    • an employee may submit a notice of termination even during annual leave, sick leave, etc.
  4. You must choose the right moment to submit your notice, because it's best to leave in a good style so that the employer can give you positive references. Complete all the projects you have dealt with, pass the knowledge to your successors, prove that you were an important employee for the company.
  5. Take advantage of your outstanding vacation, this is the last moment when you can rest, because, especially at the beginning of a freelance adventure, you will not be able to leave. If you do not decide to use it, remember that for unused leave, you are entitled to its equivalent.
  6. Think again if this is what you really want, if you want to take the challenge and start making your dreams come true. Maybe you can't handle the change, maybe freelance work isn't for you after all. Remember that the beginnings can be difficult, that you need enough time to get used to the new state of affairs. Later, it will be difficult to revoke the decision and withdraw the termination notice, because in order for the declaration of its withdrawal to be effective, it must reach the boss's desk at the latest along with the termination, then you will be dependent only on the employer's grace, and few employers agree to the return of an employee who, like it turns out he doesn't know what he wants.

However, if you are 100% resolved, give your notice and start enjoying your work.

You start your adventure with freelancing

  1. You have two opportunities to work as a freelancer:
    • you open a non-agricultural business, i.e. you run your own business - behind this decision there are a number of obligations: business registration and registration with the tax office, choosing the type of taxation, obtaining a REGON and NIP number, setting up a bank account for the company, a relevant statement sent to the Social Insurance Institution, etc., on the other hand, beginning entrepreneurs can also count on certain privileges, such as lower insurance premiums and a more favorable type of taxation;
    • you conduct business activity performed in person - i.e. you rely primarily on civil law contracts, and you must remember that they do not work the same as an employment contract, e.g. an entrepreneur commissioning you with a task based on, e.g. a contract for specific work, is not obliged to pay insurance premiums for you on the other hand, you can earn much more than with a full-time job.

    Of course, the choice is yours alone. At the beginning, it's best to do business in person to "make friends with freelancing" and learn about its advantages and disadvantages. And when you feel confident as a freelancer, you can start a non-agricultural business.
  1. Constantly look for customers, because your financial existence depends on them. The more you have, the more jobs you will get, and therefore the more money. Especially at the beginning, you cannot afford to choose between assignments, because dry days may come when they are gone, and then you have to live somehow.
  2. Advertise yourself, let others know you've entered the market. Use all the possibilities, especially those offered by social networks, e.g. Facebook.
  3. Always perform the tasks entrusted to you with the greatest precision and diligence, thanks to which you will gain loyal customers who will recommend you to others.
  4. And finally, never give up - don't worry about failures, because each of us makes mistakes, and it's best to learn from them.

The decision to quit your job is a decision that will affect your whole life, but it may turn out to be a bull's eye. Of course, at the beginning it will be hard for you to find yourself in the seemingly difficult world of freelancing, but over time you will get used to and you may find that you cannot imagine your life without it. It is worth fighting for your own dreams, especially those that can change our tedious vegetation into a life full of life. Enjoying your own work is an essential aspect of human life.