Certificate of no arrears over the Internet - the most important information


Thanks to the Information Point for Entrepreneurs, it will be possible to obtain certificates of non-arrears in taxes or certificates of non-arrears in relation to ZUS without the need to visit these institutions. This is a breakthrough in contacts with ZUS and US, as so far certificates of non-arrears have been collected only in person. The employer usually had to authorize the selected employee or go to the office on his own, and now he will be able to collect a certificate of non-arrears via the Internet.

Application and certificate of no arrears online - from July 2018

From July 2018, entrepreneurs will be able to submit applications for arrears in taxes or ZUS and receive certificates in electronic form thanks to the Information Point for Entrepreneurs. It will enable the electronic sending of the application and obtaining a certificate of non-arrears:

  • in the payment of social security contributions, health insurance, the Labor Fund and the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund;

  • with the implementation of tax obligations incumbent on the entrepreneur (including VAT, PIT).

How to send a certificate of non-compliance via the Internet?

In order to submit an application for arrears online via the Information Point for Entrepreneurs, it will be necessary to have a signature in the form of:

  • qualified electronic signature of the entrepreneur or

  • signature confirmed by the trusted ePUAP profile.

Stamp duty for a certificate of non-arrears online

Additionally, the possibility of paying stamp duty from the same level, if required in a given situation, is to be introduced.

Establishing the Information Point for Entrepreneurs, as part of the package of changes introduced by the Business Constitution, gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to have greater freedom in relations with offices. Thanks to the electronicisation of contacts with the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office, companies will gain greater flexibility and save time previously used largely on formalities and related personal visits to offices.