Income certificate - template with discussion


The income certificate for a given year is issued by the tax office at the request of the person applying for it. The purpose of the certificate is to confirm the information at the disposal of the authority, including o: company income and turnover. The application for a certificate is submitted by a person:

  • from which the law requires official confirmation of the information indicated by it,
  • having its own legal interest.

How do I get a certificate of income?

In order to obtain a certificate of the amount of income, it is necessary to submit an appropriate application to the head of the tax office. This application should include elements such as:

  • indication of the authority to which we submit the application;
  • taxpayer identification data;
  • the content of the task;
  • signature.

Download the free income certificate template in PDF and DOCX format

To download:

application for a certificate of income.pdf Description: manual completion doc
application for a certificate of income document Description: manual completion form

On the website of tax offices, you can download application forms for issuing a certificate of income in the form of forms accepted by a given office. Do you have a question? Ask an expert! Daily Online Tips! Ask a question TEAM

What additional conditions must be met?

Usually you have to pay stamp duty for issuing the certificate. It is paid at the cash desk or to the account of the city office competent for the seat of the tax office which is to issue the certificate. Proof of payment can be attached to the application or delivered within three days of its submission.

If the certificate is to be collected by a third party, an appropriate power of attorney should be attached to the application for a certificate. It is not necessary for spouses who have submitted a joint annual tax return when one of them receives the certificate.

Where to submit?

Pursuant to the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance on certificates issued by tax authorities, the application should be addressed to the locally and materially competent tax authority. An application for a certificate can be submitted in person at the tax office or sent by traditional mail.

How long should you wait?

The certificate should be issued without undue delay, not later than 7 days from the moment of submitting the application. If the application for issuing a certificate does not contain all the required data, the tax office calls for their supplementation, which may involve an extension of the deadline for issuing the certificate.