Trust me, I am an advisor - do Poles believe insurance advisers?

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It is clear from the reports of the Polish Insurance Association that the primary source of knowledge about insurance are advisers - as many as 41% of Poles point to them. Only then do family, friends, acquaintances appear, and finally internet comparison websites. Does this mean that in Poland an insurance advisor enjoys the reputation of a profession of public trust?

From an insurance dealer to an insurance advisor

MetLife recently commissioned a study to determine the relationship between a customer and an insurance consultant. The results of the research conducted are not only an interesting insight into the aforementioned relations, but also information about the needs, behaviors and attitudes of customers.

But let's start from the beginning - namely, how is an insurance agent seen? It turns out that over the years our perception of an agent has undergone a significant transformation. Initially, he was considered simply an insurance seller, today he is a valued advisor. Over 60% of respondents believe that the role of the insurance agent in selecting individually tailored life insurance is important or rather important. Insurance advisers are especially appreciated by people who have bought a policy within the last 5 years. In this group, as many as 8 out of 10 people considered that matching the insurance offer by the agent was important.

Recommendations build trust

The survey also showed that Poles not only appreciate the work of insurance agents, perceiving them as key advisers, but also place their trust in them. The vast majority, almost 85%, said they trust their insurance adviser. The importance and importance of trust is also evident in the way clients choose their advisor. Most often, we are looking for agents, asking for a recommendation - a good, trusted advisor is a proven advisor, on recommendation.

Over 61% of Poles decide to cooperate with a given agent because they have previously been positively assessed by friends or family members. Less than 1/5 of the respondents chose an advisor because he contacted them himself, and 17% of clients found their agent via the Internet.

An insurance advisor will help you secure your future

Research shows that Poles mostly trust and appreciate advisers. However, does it mean that they are aware of the importance of the presence of an agent in the process of selecting the appropriate policy? When asked if they would use the help of an adviser when thinking about choosing life insurance, slightly over 58% of respondents said they would. However, what about the rest of the group? It turns out that they either do not have an opinion on the subject, or they did not think about seeking support from an advisor. The situation is even worse in the case of people who have not bought a policy in the last 5 years - here as many as 62% do not know the importance of the role of an advisor in matching insurance.

The choice of the policy purchase channel perfectly reflects the position of the insurance agent. The main source of purchasing insurance is the representative of the insurance agency - nearly 54% of responses. Another 16% of respondents purchased a policy from a broker unrelated to a specific insurer. But more than a quarter of the respondents have already purchased insurance via the Internet, the rest have benefited from, among others, from bank services or telephone sales.

This means that over 40% of respondents, when deciding to purchase insurance, marginalized the role of an advisor, thus increasing the risk of purchasing a policy that did not fully meet the actual needs.

What does a meeting with an advisor look like?

What is the quality of customer relations with advisers? What are the meetings mainly about? The collected responses indicated that the main topics discussed during the talks focused on the product, i.e. the insurance offer itself. Almost 69% of respondents mention that the topic of adjusting the offer to the life situation was raised. There are also references to investment, pensions or health. As many as ⅕ of respondents talk to advisers about their private problems, which is confirmed by the aforementioned high level of trust that Poles place in insurance agents.

Importantly, as the survey shows, although most topics oscillate around the offer and matching to customer expectations, as many as 68.5% of respondents confirm that they have never had a professional analysis of insurance needs or do not know what such an analysis is.

Experts warn that the quality of life insurance largely depends on the level of adjustment to the individual situation of the insured person. The insurance contract is usually concluded for many years, so it is important that it protects all our interests.

In order to draw up the right contract, it is necessary to know about the private and professional life of clients, how they spend their free time, what hobbies they have, and what are the histories of diseases in the family. In order for the policy to fully fulfill its function, all the above-mentioned elements must be taken into account when adjusting the contract to the client's needs.

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