Suspension of ZUS contributions due to the coronavirus


A spokesman for small and medium-sized enterprises on Friday sent a letter to the prime minister requesting the suspension of social security contributions due to the coronavirus. What exactly would such a solution look like? We present Adam Abramowicz's proposal.

Recession of companies due to the coronavirus

In his appeal, the spokesman for SMEs outlined the current situation of companies, which now practically had to go out of business. These are mainly industries:

  • hospitality,
  • transport,
  • organization of events,
  • tourist.

All of them are recording large drops in turnover, and their problems will only get worse. In order to prevent entrepreneurs from going bankrupt, it is necessary to provide them with support in these difficult times. A several-month suspension of ZUS contributions due to the coronavirus would save people whose turnover is practically zero.

ZUS allowances currently offered by the government

Abramowicz also emphasized that the government can count on help from entrepreneurs and their compliance with the guidelines that serve to protect our compatriots. However, the solution proposed by the minister of development, concerning the postponement, payment in installments or cancellation of social security contributions, is too time-consuming. Determining an individual situation with ZUS is, according to the spokesman, unnecessary bureaucracy, and you need to act quickly.

“However, I believe that in the case of such a huge decline in SME turnover, related to the fight and the effects of the pandemic, the solution to this problem adopted in the package will not be optimal. Writing applications to ZUS with the obligation to justify, individual examination and other bureaucratic burdens will not serve to reassure entrepreneurs and will not allow them to focus on minimizing the effects of the crisis in their companies ”.

Abramowicz's request in his letter is for a permit to voluntarily pay social security contributions for six months. Health insurance will continue to be compulsory for everyone. A request to suspend ZUS contributions due to the coronavirus would be made by submitting an appropriate application via traditional mail or e-mail.

This idea is dictated by the good of entrepreneurs, but as you know - without verification of the actual situation of the company, there will also be people who will take advantage of the suspension of ZUS contributions due to the coronavirus and will not pay ZUS fees despite the lack of problems with financial liquidity.