Occupation: trainer as a career idea

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Personal development is currently very fashionable - it is called for by colorful magazines, motivational guides, but also by managers and CEOs of companies who care about educated employees with up-to-date knowledge. Therefore, the profession of a trainer (or a slightly more foreign-sounding coach) is becoming more and more popular, as part of which various trainings are offered. Being a trainer is now a business idea with really good potential. However, it is important to prepare well for training others - not only at professional courses or in coach schools.

If there is something for everything, it sucks - that is, find a specialization

Being a trainer is just like being a teacher. Either you train people who are at the beginning of their careers and then you comprehensively deal with their education, or you choose those who already have the basics and need specialist knowledge. Then you become a teacher of a specific subject - physics, history, foreign language. You are a specialist.

The job of a trainer is the same. A coach for everything can certainly conduct correct, even good training in every department of the company or for all levels (especially if he is charismatic and flexible), but then his audience will be diverse, at a low level of advancement.Therefore, a trainer does not have to be successful in everything - the best solution is to choose a career path in which we prove ourselves not only due to the trainer's completed course, but also knowledge gained from another profession or our own interests.

And the choice is really big. Corporations and large private companies increasingly want their employees to be trained not only in terms of hard skills, but also soft skills. At this point, a trainer who knows a bit about management and finances opens up a wide range of training courses in this field - from leadership coaching, through team work, assertiveness, communication and even social impact training. The audience is demanding - when training in leadership, be prepared to speak to a group of serious businessmen who need specific and stable knowledge. In marketing agencies and other companies that develop thanks to teamwork on artistic projects, it can be looser, but more extravagant - simple charts on a flipchart will not work, here you need creativity.

A trainer is also a career path for people involved in therapy, psychology and pedagogy. Having knowledge and skills in this area, you can successfully take care of, for example, parental coaching, which allows parents to better communicate with the child and be such a trainer for him. It is also more and more common that relationship coaching or sex coaching becomes an alternative to classic therapies. Coaching is - as already mentioned - fashionable and associated with development, while therapies are still often associated with negative patches.

However, if you are interested in something more exotic, you can also use it on your career path. As? By becoming, for example, a travel coach. Such a coach allows you to change an ordinary vacation into an expedition combined with getting to know other culture, places, customs, while taking into account the individual requirements and interests of the client. If, on the other hand, someone would like to get to know themselves - they can direct their steps to the Zen coach. Thanks to this, you can in-depth recognize your own nature, strengths and weaknesses, and develop opportunities.

As you can see, being a trainer gives you a really wide range of possibilities, limited only by the knowledge and imagination of the trainer himself. In fact, all you need is a basic dose of boldness and self-confidence, a bit of charisma and an idea of ​​how to communicate what I know, like and do to other people.

Corporation or individual training

Choosing a specialization is associated with another important decision - namely the selection of the audience. It depends on how the coach will pursue his career path.

One of the possibilities, intended to the greatest extent for trainers dealing with specific industries, is working in the company as an internal coach. In such a situation, the trainer most often becomes part of the human resource management team and, in cooperation with the staff, determines which competencies should be developed. Such work is strongly focused on one industry, however, it is flexible in terms of the group of recipients. It is worth remembering that the trainer can train both top-level employees and employees at the beginning of their careers, with whom the company has hopes and plans for the future. Additionally, a managerial staff coach may conduct organized group trainings, as well as individual sessions. Such work is therefore extremely diverse, but also stable.

Work in companies with trainers is similarly stable. In this case, it can be any type of coaching, although the agencies that offer business training in the form of outsourcing remain the most popular. Such work also allows you to focus on a selected subject, offered to a fairly uniform group of recipients.

An alternative is also working on your own, in the form of a private company. In this case, people who have decided to conduct slightly more unusual trainings or those that assume individual work - with a client, couple, family, etc., can find their way.

It is worth remembering, however, that coaching skills do not necessarily have to be used by conducting trainings. Currently, company directors, managers and teachers more and more often decide to complete this type of course. What do these people have in common? Working with people they lead, teach and work with. The skills of the coach often allow better communication with the people with whom they work. Therefore, even if someone does not want to decide on a career in the form of a coach, it is worth becoming interested in acquiring skills related to this profession.