A healthy employee is an active and effective employee

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When in 2015 in Gothenburg (Sweden), an experiment was started on employees at the Svartedalen nursing home, it was planned to check how their effectiveness would be affected by a 6-hour working day. They found that reducing this amount of time and allowing them to spend 10 more hours a week with their family or other non-work related activities works well for their health. They were sick much less, they were more effective, more rested and they worked better. It turns out that taking care of the employee's health is extremely important and necessary if we want him to perform his duties well and be more satisfied. A healthy employee is an active employee, so check what can be done to take care of this health!

A healthy employee - why is it so important?

Is a healthy employee really so important to the company? Of course! The better he feels, the more energy he has, the more effective he is, the more motivated he is. Satisfied employees are more involved in the life of the company and identify with it. Let us remember that people are the pillars of companies. Success is based on them, they work for it. Therefore, their activity, motivation and satisfaction are extremely important, and they increase precisely in the case of employees who are healthy and full of strength.

How to take care of employees' health?

Therefore, we should take care of the health of employees to make sure that they use one hundred percent of their capabilities while performing their duties. Health-promoting activities are not difficult. What can be done to ensure the health of employees?

Stress destroys health

The main factor causing the deterioration of the health condition of employees is prolonged stress.At work, it is actually inevitable, and there are few people who do not feel it. It can have various reasons - overload of duties, many tasks to be performed in a short time, or lack of understanding and support from superiors. However, this is not the end of the list, and it is very long. So let's take care to reduce stress. Of course, there are ways, such as special training for employees that teach them how to deal with and resist such tension, but it is also worth caring for employees in other ways.

For example, consider the atmosphere in the workplace. Employees appreciate her very much, they want to be in a place where people are friendly to them, if necessary, they want to not be afraid to ask for help, above all, they want to talk normally with their colleagues and superiors and feel that the workplace is really friendly to them. Is it possible to build a good atmosphere where there is none? It is possible. It is enough to look at the contacts between employees, try to solve possible conflicts, at the same time open up to people working in the company, show them that they can count on our help and support. As a result, their identification with the workplace will increase, they will come to it with greater enthusiasm, and their motivation to act will increase.

Sleep and efficiency

For example, long-term stress leads to a deterioration in sleep quality. However, a healthy employee is one who sleeps well. Sleep is extremely important in order to work effectively. The less stress, the better rest and relaxation, and probably everyone knows how beneficial it is to the body. It is worth making employees aware that they need to find time to recharge the battery. Relaxation and the right dose of sleep will make them more creative, more focused, react faster to stimuli and, most importantly, get sick less often. Too little sleep lowers immunity, and workers catch infections more easily, so they cannot work and do not have the strength to do so.

Healthy Eating

How many jumpers eat yoghurt caught in a hurry in 8 hours of work? How many of them only "eat" more liters of coffee until lunch? Our diet is often bad, which means that we have less energy, problems with concentrating and working to the fullest of our abilities. It is assumed that during an 8-hour working day, the employee should have time to eat at least one hot meal and the possibility to consume food systematically. You can also ensure that employees are supplied with vitamins, for example by providing fresh fruit every day. It will also be a great snack and plenty of nutrients.

Physical activity

An employee's health is also influenced by his physical activity. Unfortunately, many of them do not exercise or move much, which is also important for health and performance. How to encourage employees to be active? There are many ways. You can reward employees who come to work by bicycles, organize integration outings in places where you can exercise, move around, be active, encourage gymnastics during breaks at work or even offer a gym entry card as a benefit.

Entertainment and integration

A good way to reduce stress, create a better working atmosphere and simply relax is to keep employees entertained and spending time together. For example, you can offer tickets to the cinema, theater or other events, joint trips, coffee outings, etc. This awakens a certain sense of community, identification, and spending free time together binds the team.

Tools you need for work and convenience

In order to ensure the comfort of employees, it is also worth providing them with all the tools they need for their work and a comfortable, tailored workplace. The louder, more uncomfortable, too cold or too hot, the worse work becomes, the more stress increases, and we have already mentioned its impact on health. Therefore, it is worth providing employees with good working conditions, which may also affect their health and well-being.