Green coffee - why is it profitable to drink it?

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Many of us eagerly and often drink black coffee. We like its taste and aroma, and we appreciate its stimulating properties. A morning at work without this drink often leaves us unable to focus. Although we use it so often, it is worth knowing that it also has a number of disadvantages, it promotes dehydration of the body, accelerates the heart rate, can cause nausea and abdominal pain, and also increase blood pressure. However, if caffeine is necessary for us to function properly, consider buying green coffee, which also helps in weight loss. How is green coffee obtained and why is it worth drinking it?

Black and green coffee beans from the same bush?

Green coffee may appear to be a type of this drink. However, both it and its black counterpart come from the same beans, which are initially green, then their color approaches red, then the beans are roasted and take the form we know.

What does green coffee taste like?

Fans of the famous black drink flavor may be disappointed. First of all, green coffee has less characteristic bitterness, and its taste is milder, you can also feel a slight sourness. Many drinkers compare it to green tea. Not all people will like it, but if we decided to eat it for health-promoting purposes - we can treat it like a herbal infusion. As you know, it is not necessarily to our taste, and the most important thing is to act. After all, it has been known for a long time that it is bitter medicines that are the most effective.

Why is it worth reaching for green coffee?

The key word in the health-promoting tasks of green coffee is chlorogenic acid. Although it evokes associations with chlorine and does not evoke positive associations, in this case we are dealing with the Greek word chlorós, meaning yellow-green or light green. Why is this acid so important?

First of all, it has antioxidant properties, which is why it inhibits the development of cancer cells and delays the aging process. When this substance enters the body, it slows down the absorption of sugars, so the body must use up its reserves. Together with caffeine, they limit the absorption of glucose, which starts the process of reducing the stored fat. This is why green coffee is considered to be a great way to lose weight.

Drinking this green drink regularly will also help you fight cellulite. In addition, chlorogenic acid has antifungal and bactericidal properties. Remember that although green coffee really has a positive effect on our body, it is not a medicine, but only a supplement that can act preventively.

How to prepare green coffee?

Now that we know why it is worth buying and drinking green coffee, the next step should be to prepare it properly. First of all, it is worth putting away the espresso machine, because pouring boiling water over it will deprive it of all its properties. The appropriate temperature is about 90 degrees C. We can pour whole coffee beans, but a more convenient way is to grind them.

Green beans are hard and resilient - if you throw them directly into the grinder, you can easily damage it. It is worth crushing them in advance, for example in a mortar. Shops often offer on-site grinding - if we have such an option, it is worth taking advantage of it. We prepare the infusion from 2-3 teaspoons of coffee, but when we choose whole grains, remember that we can pour them even three times, so it is not worth throwing them away after the first cup of coffee.

Green coffee is healthier than black coffee, there is no doubt about that. Although it is considered less tasty, it is worth trying it and checking if it really works so well on our body. If we are really unable to drink it in its pure form, you can also add milk to it or slightly sweeten it with honey. However, it is worth limiting the additives that can be caloric and reduce the slimming properties of green coffee.

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