The most famous brands on Facebook - report

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The most popular brands on Facebook

Recently, a very interesting report has appeared, the subject of which are brands on Facebook, created by and Mindshare Polska. 20 fanpages of brands from 11 industries were under the microscope - telecommunications, beverages, alcohol, food, banks, e-commerce, IT / electronics, beer, cars, cosmetics and clothing. Analysts focused primarily on researching the number and degree of fan engagement in the first half of 2013. Here are the most interesting conclusions that can be found in the report:

  • In absolute numbers, the largest number of fans was gathered by sites related to telecommunications - 2.7 million new fans, which translates into a 40% increase. It is the aftermath of efficiently conducted advertising campaigns, such as, for example, the Heart and Mind of TP SA. Taking into account the relative numbers, the IT / electronics fan pages developed the most dynamically, recording an increase of 89% (2 million new fans). The second place was taken by the beverage sides, whose audience grew by 74% (currently they have around 4.5 million likes).
  • Profiles from the telecommunications industry, with a record number of 7.62 million fans, can also boast the largest group of engaged users - 1.124 million, i.e. 12% of the total. In relative numbers, the leaders are the automotive (18% active), e-commerce (17%) and clothing (15%) industries.
  • The latter two industries reign supreme in the frequency of publication on fan pages, achieving a result above 3.7 posts per day. Banks are the least likely to post something - only 0.86 posts a day. In the middle of the pack is the hegemon from the two previous categories, ie telecommunications - an average of 1.65 posts each day.
  • When it comes to the form of communication with users, photos still dominate - for example, as much as 90% of the content from profiles from the cosmetics industry is photos. The banks that (compared to the rest of the industry) use this medium the least are breaking this rule. Most often, they paste links and statuses. Video is most often used by e-commerce, clothing, cars, IT. Least frequently due to the alcohol industry.
  • The fan pages of alcohol companies can boast the greatest commitment, measured by the number of content shares. Users most often shared photos from these brands. A wide spectrum of shared content (photos, links, videos) can be seen in the telecommunications, food and cosmetics industries.

It is worth taking a look at the full version of the report, which is available on the agency's website. It has been thoroughly analyzed, inter alia, the hours fans are most active, and the correlation between the number of characters (length) and the type of message and commitment. What is most interesting, the authors of the report also took a closer look at the key words (e.g. competition) that have the greatest impact on activating the audience. All this data is an invaluable treasury of knowledge for anyone who professionally runs a fan page on Facebook. The report gives a lot of knowledge about such phenomena as brands on Facebook and their promotional activities.