See what are the benefits of using the PIT-37 settlement program


Annual tax settlement with the tax office is the responsibility of everyone who receives income - regardless of whether it is related to work, retirement or disability pension. Check why it is worth deciding to send your tax declaration for the previous year electronically and how the PIT-37 settlement program can help you.

PIT-37 - to whom does it apply?

PIT-37 applies to those people who receive income under an employment contract, pre-retirement, retirement and disability benefits, as well as a specific task contract or a mandate contract. On the basis of this type of form, you should also settle the earnings obtained as part of the functions performed.The PIT-37 declaration is settled on the basis of the PIT-11 obtained from the employer. The PIT-37 form is not used by people running their own business - the legislator prepared other forms for their needs.

PIT-37 settlement program - why is it worth using it?

The main argument in favor of settling PIT-37 with the use of a computer program is convenience. You do not have to go to the tax office competent for your registered address just to submit the form in due time. You can close the entire procedure without leaving your home, anywhere and anytime, using the Internet connection. When it comes to pit settlement, the program also has the advantage that it automatically shows errors or omitted fields that are required for proper settlement. In this way, they reduce the problem resulting from the omission of a given window due to the inattentiveness of the taxpayer and - which is associated with it later - making corrections to rectify the entire situation. The PIT settlement program is very helpful for people who do not deal with taxes, forms or accounting on a daily basis.

See what are the arguments for donating 1% of tax to Public Benefit Organizations

It is worth supporting the Children's Foundation with your responsible decisions. On the occasion of the annual PIT settlement, you can transfer your 1% of tax to disabled children who need expensive rehabilitation, camps and equipment. It is worth doing, among others for the Agnieszka Foundation. One of the most important arguments in favor of donating 1 percent of tax to people in need is the possibility of helping them with the use of money that you would have to donate to the state budget anyway. Public Benefit Organizations carry out activities targeted at a specific group of people, they know their problems and needs very well, so they are able to wisely use every zloty that they share with them. 1% of the tax for sick children will help change their world for the better, support them in entering adulthood and making their dreams come true despite physical difficulties. It is worth doing good, because it always comes back to man.

How can I check the OPP list?

As for 1 percent of the tax, a list of non-profit organizations entitled to receive it has been compiled on the website of the National Freedom Institute.

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