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Currently, a valuable employee is worth its weight in gold for the employer. No wonder that when constructing job advertisements, employers compete in presenting benefits for potential candidates. Among the many job offers there are newer and newer ways of drawing attention to the advertisement. Anyone who has been looking for a job has been promised to work in a young, dynamic team at least once, and a guarantee of a great atmosphere. Are these, however, effective recruitment methods that will encourage candidates to click on the "apply" button? What affects the effectiveness of a job advertisement? What portal will allow you to reach the largest pool of candidates? Will free job advertisements help me get a valuable CV?

Good employee wanted

Each employer is looking for an attractive employee for his team, but are we aware of what features determine the profile of the ideal candidate?

According to research conducted by experts, employers expect a set of specific features that for them are almost like a promise that the employee will perform his duties properly.

It should be emphasized that soft features are particularly sought after, which are an element of the employee's character, because, unlike specialized skills, it is difficult to develop or change them.

Among the collected responses, it was established what counts in the eyes of most employers in the first place. These are commitment to the duties performed, loyalty, punctuality and the ability to cooperate. Flexibility, multitasking and motivation to work are also important.

However, it is difficult to require an employee to have all of the above-mentioned features. What skills he should have strictly depends on the industry in which he is applying for employment. It is known that the salesperson should be rather energetic and communicative, and the babysitter should have patience and responsibility.

In search of a job - where do employees look for job offers?

Employees can choose from many places where attractive job offers tailored to their needs await them. Most often they use the Internet to look for employment. It can therefore be concluded that the traditional forms of advertisements, such as those published in newspapers, are now forgotten. LinkedIn is a modern way that is gaining popularity on the job market. However, it is a relatively young portal, and the vast majority of employees, especially those of lower level, use other, proven methods of looking for employment.

Many of them join groups on social networks, where not only employers, but also employment agencies post advertisements addressed to candidates in large numbers. Facebook groups are invariably popular, some of them have up to several thousand members. This is potentially a good way to attract employees. However, it should be taken into account that the interest in groups is high, and this fact is used by many employers. As a result, the posted ads may not meet the expected response.

Portals with job advertisements - do they have to be paid?

Portals with job advertisements, despite the growing competition from social media, are still the favorites, both on the part of employers, who often post their advertisements there, and employees who receive these advertisements.

Unfortunately, most of them, in exchange for large ranges, require a fee when posting job advertisements, while those that do not charge fees are usually not able to ensure interest in the advertisement. So is there a way to make free job advertisements also effective? Is. In response to the needs of employees and employers, the solution appeared thanks to a new function on the employee's guide portal.

Recruiting on your own - do it yourself

Many large companies decide to outsource the recruitment process to external companies, but this is not a solution for everyone. The main disadvantage of this solution is, in the first place, the costs that smaller companies simply cannot afford. In such a situation, the only solution is to find an employee on your own. Independent recruitment raises concerns for many entrepreneurs, as it is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of commitment and knowledge. Another issue is the lack of proper tools. It is difficult to reach both qualified and lower level employees.

It turns out, however, that conducting recruitment on your own also has its advantages. In this case, the employer has the opportunity to independently assess the candidate and verify whether he meets his expectations.

The Company took care of a tool for employers recruiting on their own by offering free job advertisements on the Poradnik Pracownik portal. Adding advertisements from the system level is simple, all of them go directly to the Employee's Guide page.It is worth mentioning that this portal is visited by over 3 million readers a month!

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Free job advertisements on the employee's guide portal

Free job advertisements on the portal are distinguished not only by a wide range of advertisements, but also by a high level of advancement of recruitment tools. An employer posting a job offer has the option of adding an unlimited number of job offers, creating their own database of people participating in the recruitment and can manage the data of candidates. The system also has the option of informing about incoming applications by means of alerts.


When it comes to posting job advertisements, the most important thing is their effectiveness, and thus the reach. There are many places on the Internet that offer the possibility of adding job offers, but only a few give you the opportunity to use this function for free, while guaranteeing the effectiveness of the ads. Try free job advertisements on the Poradnik Pracownik portal and take advantage of the comprehensive system for adding job offers and recruiting!

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